Fiji Culture Village

The Fiji Culture Village in Nacaqara, Navo, Nadi is one of Fiji's most unique destinations. Here you will experience  sample  lifestyle, hospitality and customs of Fiji in a beautiful and unique setting.  Visitors get to interact with villagers  in a  natural friendly environment and learn about their  crafts and arts.

An oppotunity to “discover Fiji ”while enjoying this awesome  village tour to experience different “Bure” hut that demonstrate Fiji’s diverse rich culture  from carving, fishing, canoe making,pottery making, tapa making, coconut bure ,see the galleries that explains the fullness and richness of Fiji’s history and culture.

One of the most amazing parts of the  fantastic village tours as ancient Fiji comes to life as you explore the culture village  stage comes to life with the traditional kava ceremony and spectacular meke performance . This is an extravaganza of singing, dancing, costumes,  legends etc.

Watch as they prepare a “Lovo” food cooked under ground, explore more with your host or traditional dressed tour guide and hostess who will take you back into the life of Fiji before it was discovered by Dutch Explore, Abel Tasman and the arrivals of the European and Missionary to confirmed that Fiji later was ceded to Great Britain and become a British colony.


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